Digital Product

Spurs Pay

Fast, Safe, Easy. Spurs Pay is a completely contactless method to pay using your mobile phone, all within the Spurs App. Load your credit card details, touchlessly transact throughout the AT&T Center, and earn discounts and free items as you spend.

Contributors & Integrations

Product Developer


UI Redesign

Matt Schad


Appetize, SKIDATA, Retail Pro

UI Redesign

Prior Design

  • No Button hierarchy
  • Design did not fit or reflect the rest of the app’s UI
  • Main pay button not emphasized to give the user a clear idea of what the primary action should be

New Design

  • Design reflects current app’s UI as well as color highlights
  • Pay button prioritized, enlarged, and QR icon added to indicate payment method
  • Secondary buttons unified and de-emphasized
  • Offers tab has a notification indication to show the user when they have offers to use