Digital Product

Call Your Shot

Make predictions and win prizes for every Spurs game, all season long. Start with points to put up on pre-game predictions. Decide how many points are worth risking — higher takes for higher stakes. Rack up points and raise your chances at courtside seats, signed gear, and more.

Project Credits


Matt Schad, Sideline Sports


Sideline Sports


Bet365, Eric Kushel

Ideation, Process & Features

Due to burgeoning interest in sports gambling, and the fact it’s still not legal in Texas, we wanted to come up with a free-to-play, betting-adjacent game to keep our fans engaged throughout the season.

The NBA restricts us from using players, which is quite the constraint when it comes to typical prop bets, so we ideated around team-based questions. We used historical stats, matchup stats, as well as team based averages to create and weight our questions.

The game consisted of 5-6 questions, and each player starts with 500 points to “risk” as they see fit, across these questions. They also have the option to skip a question, so if they feel less confident on any particular prop, they can place more points across the others. To create parity, we added multipliers on each answer, the higher multipliers being placed on the less-likely outcome.

At the end of each game, a winner was selected from our top 10 participants (there was also a free leaderboard), and they were rewarded with a prize.